Hardware Hacking

Hardware Hacking

Mar 25, 2022 08:30 AM
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Dec 31, 2016
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One of the reasons I started studying electrical engineering
big mistake to think there would be any correlation


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Hardware Projects

Maker Portfolio Questions

What I thought I was doing back in 2016, I needed to answer questions for a university application
  1. What kind of things do you make?  Code & Hardware.
  1. What do you make? I mainly do software and hardware development, with the recent addition of 3D modeling (I finally saved up for a 3D-Printer). My projects include conversion / ease of use tools for my fathers small business, as well as his website and lots of one-off tests to improve my coding skills or to try things out. However, the most mentionable of my software projects is an open-source remote administration tool on which I will go into detail about in the fourth section. On the hardware end I tinker up small gadgets, like a self-made LED wristband, a pocket-sized arpeggiator (makes noise) and a tiny gameboy replica, which I then fit into custom enclosures I have designed.
  1. How do you make? I do most of my work in Visual Studio with the languages C# and C++, but for the occasional web-development I can also handle html / css and php as well as SQL. Early on I had to rely on a lot of tutorials to get started and adapted other peoples source code, but now I do the coding on my own, my primary resources being things like stackoverflow or cplusplus.com to look up winapi functions. Depending on the project, the hardware development I do also involves coding in the form of MicroController programming with C++. Besides that I needed to teach myself soldering, circuit design and electronics in general, which was a bit overwhelming in the beginning. But through working my way up slowly and the help of youtube / written tutorials and datasheets I managed to get a grasp of the techniques.
  1. What’s the most meaningful thing you’ve made? The project that I have put most of my energy into is my Remote Administration Tool Lilith, which I have recently open-sourced on GitHub after one year of development. This project was and still is especially challenging, since it involves a lot of networking and a new approach on process-tunneling that I had to develop myself without any reference. As with any program, there are a lot of issues you have to work around. Some of which I had to concede on, only to return a couple weeks later with a different attack vector. It is also one of the very few RATs that is available open-source and serves as a guidance for many others who googled the same things as I did. Due to the attention of programmers looking for help, Lilith also attracted some collaborators. I am proud to have worked with a fellow developer to implement new features and happily respond to any questions asked by others.